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Lethbridge Herald: We are Living in a Government-Imposed Affordability Crisis

I recently had a conversation with an elderly woman whose only source of income is CPP. With this small allotment of money, she is struggling to pay her rent, put food on her table, heat her home, pay for her bus pass, and cover the cost of her prescription. Her expenses have skyrocketed, but her income has remained the same.

Sadly, this is only one of many similar stories shared with me.

The first few weeks in parliament have flown by, and while there is no shortage of noteworthy topics to discuss, affordability tops the list for those in Lethbridge.

This crisis has escalated and spilled into Thanksgiving, making this year more challenging for many Canadians.

While this would usually be a time for feasting and celebrating the bounty of this land and those who work on it, this year is marked by a backdrop of anxiety and frustration.

Whether it is farmers experiencing higher input costs, truckers paying more for fuel, families struggling to buy school supplies for their kids, or seniors being forced to choose between filling their prescription or putting healthy food on their table, everyone is feeling the pinch.

The frustrating truth is that this higher cost of living is not happenstance or a simple by-product of global conditions. This is a government-imposed affordability crisis. Mr. Trudeau and his government have caused record inflation through their tax and spending measures. In fact, Mr. Trudeau has accumulated more debt than all 22 Prime Ministers preceding him. Is it any wonder we are struggling?

The carbon tax is top of mind for many. They feel it does more harm than good. The Liberals tax the farmer who grows the food, the trucker who transports it, and the stores who sell it. This accumulation of carbon tax ultimately gets passed to the families who simply want to put food on their tables.

With no evidence, the government has argued the carbon tax is necessary to protect the environment. Still, Canadians do not see evidence of this claim. In eight years of governing, the Liberals have not met a single environmental target. The financial burden is causing more problems than it will ever solve.

As if the cost of necessities like food and fuel is not overwhelming enough, many are also struggling to find or keep a home they can afford. Many young people are resigned to the fact they may never own a home. For those who took out mortgages trusting the government when they said interest rates would remain low, government inflationary spending has thrown a massive wrench in their long-term plans and caused their monthly payments to skyrocket.

What happened to the Liberals’ 2015 election promise to make housing more affordable?

Rather than punishing Canadians with high taxes and inflationary measures, the government should rein in spending, cut taxes, and unleash the power and potential of the Canadian people.

Serving as a Member of Parliament has afforded me the extraordinary opportunity to speak with many Canadians about the Canada they wish to live in.

I have heard countless stories from visionaries who want to build businesses, invent new technologies, help those who are suffering get ahead, and improve our society in areas where we are falling short.

I am encouraged by the growing number of Canadians who are dreaming of a better future.

A future that only freedom can deliver.

Imagine what Canada would look like if hard-working people were free to earn powerful paycheques that buy affordable food, gas, and homes.

This is the type of Canada we can create by generating opportunity for each and every person to reach their greatest potential.

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Why is she not getting OAS and GIS? Maybe she needs help applying.



Maybe we should all just quit paying taxes to a government that spends and gives our hard earned money away to foreign wars and countries. How about we look after our veterans who fought and died for our freedoms and our elderly who worked their fingers to the bone to build this country. Enough is enough…our country is being run by an evil clown!

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