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Lethbridge Herald: Trudeau is out of Touch and Canadians are out of Money

"Canadians have never had it so good." Right before Christmas, Prime Minister Trudeau made this statement to a crowd of more than 2,000 Liberal lobbyists, political staffers, and consultants. For everyone in that room, he was right. Afterall, he was speaking to the folks benefitting from outlandish contracts handed to them by the Liberal government.

While Canadians are forced to choose between paying their mortgage or putting food on the table, the Liberals continue to dig deep into Canadians' pockets to fill their own.

We live in a country where moms are watering down baby formula and families are forced to skip meals as food prices skyrocket.

Unlike Mr. Trudeau, Canadians don't share the luxury of jetting off to private islands during the harsh winter months. Instead, they are forced to turn down their thermostats to 17℃ because home heating prices have more than doubled. So, when Trudeau says, "Canadians have never had it so good," I doubt he’s talking to anyone other than his insiders.

While Canadians are struggling, the Liberals are spending.

Canadians thought it was bad when they learned the Liberals spent $6,000 on one hotel night in London, but this week we found out it gets worse! In 2022, long after most of the world had stopped their quarantine requirements and after the government lifted its travel restrictions, at one Calgary area hotel, the Liberal government spent almost $7 million on COVID accommodations for 15 people. 15!!! That’s $450,000 per person!

For Liberal insiders securing these types of contracts, Mr. Trudeau is right, life has never been better!

After plunging Canada into debt and contributing to 40-year high inflation, the Liberals continue to shrug their shoulders and say they aren’t responsible. When food prices skyrocket, leaving families hungry, they say they can't do anything about it. If Canadians speak up and push back against the tripling of the carbon tax, they celebrate the toll its taking on Canadians. When asked about the carbon tax, Liberal MP, Andy Fillmore quipped, “there needs to be a bit of pain there. That’s the point.”

Well, I guess the Liberals are achieving their goal.

Pain is being felt across Canada! There is pain in the homes of families who are forced to buy lower-quality food, skip meals, and turn to food banks. There is pain in the homes of the 30,000 families who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses after the Liberal's policies flooded our streets with heroin and fentanyl. There is pain in the homes of seniors who are forced to wear winter coats inside as they turn their thermostats so low they put their health at risk. The effects of this affordability crisis have reached devastating levels.

It is time for the Liberals to step aside and make room for new leadership. Leadership that will turn this pain into the hope that Canadians need and deserve.

A Poilievre government will cut back the wasteful spending, cancel the tripling of the carbon tax, and start putting money back in the pockets of Canadians. We will move the money wasted on targeting law-abiding hunters and sports shooters and use that money to reinforce our borders to keep smuggled guns out. We will use that money to provide real treatment and recovery to save our loved ones who are suffering with addiction.

We are blessed with a country that is rich in natural resources. Canada has the third largest oil reserve, but the Liberals insist on Canada remaining reliant on dictators for energy. Canadian resources are the solution.

We are blessed with abundant and diverse agriculture and agri-food production. But the Liberals choose to punish our farmers instead of celebrating them.

It is time to give Canadians back control over their lives and the opportunity to help stabilize our economy, as they have done for decades in the past. Canadians are the solution!

You, the people, are the problem solvers, solution makers, and innovators that will move us forward to a vibrant and promising future. Canada is truly a resilient country, and the hardworking, caring, compassionate, and generous Canadian people bear the promise of this nation's future, not the government.

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