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Lethbridge Herald: Reflecting on Parliament’s Spring Session

Following a busy session holding the government accountable in Parliament, it feels great to be home in Lethbridge for the summer. I look forward to connecting with many of you at parades and other summer events!

There truly is no greater honour than getting to bring the voices of Lethbridge constituents to Ottawa. I am even more grateful to be able to do that alongside my colleagues in the Conservative caucus, united under a common vision for Canada and the people who call it home.

By attending my spring town hall, sending emails, phoning my office, and meeting with me, residents of the Lethbridge constituency have clearly communicated what matters most to them. This spring, I was asked to stand up against Trudeau’s out-of-control inflationary spending and punitive carbon tax, while advocating for policies that make life more affordable.

Canadians are experiencing the worst decline in living standards in generations.

Across the country, Canadians are begging for much-needed relief. Instead, Trudeau hiked the carbon tax by 23 per cent on April 1st, further driving up the cost of food, gas, and home-heating.

As he did this, he looked at struggling Canadians and falsely claimed this tax hike would leave them better off. The Liberals have repeatedly claimed that Canadians will receive more in rebates than what they will pay in carbon tax. But this is a lie.

Conservatives have known all along that this was propaganda. It’s thanks to our recent motion in the House of Commons that the truth finally came to light.

For years, while Trudeau and his Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault, told Canadians the carbon tax was somehow making them richer, they were hiding a secret internal report that proved the carbon tax will cost Canadians $30.5 billion every year by 2030. That means the tax will cost each Canadian family nearly $2,000 per year.

The carbon tax hike isn’t the only punitive strike against Canadians. Over the spring, Trudeau piled on several more tax hikes as well.

Nine years after he promised to “fight for the middle class and those working hard to join it,” Nine out of 10 middle-class Canadians are paying more in taxes.

Trudeau is not making Canada fairer. He is making Canada poorer.

But despite these challenging times, there is hope.

Things were not like this before Trudeau took power, and they will not be like this after he is gone. Better days are ahead for Canada.

Canadians are smart, hardworking people, and they have indicated they are ready for change. At the end of June, the long-time Liberal riding in the urban heart of downtown Toronto said “no” to Trudeau’s damaging policies and divisive rhetoric and elected a Conservative to be their voice in Parliament.

No doubt, Canadians are ready for change. They are ready for hope.

A Conservative government will green-light energy projects here at home. Instead of driving away production into the hands of dirty dictators abroad, we will unleash the power of our clean and ethical Canadian energy and bring home powerful paycheques for our people.

We are going to end the assault on your money by ending the deficits that have led to inflation. Inflation is an attack on your freedom because it concentrates wealth and power in the hands of a few. It means big government and small citizens.

We will axe Trudeau’s carbon tax to bring down the cost of heat, gas, and groceries.

We will bring back powerful paycheques and taxes that are lower, simpler, and fairer so people can once again reap the benefits of their hard work and thrive in a country they can be proud of—a place where people from all walks of life can take advantage of opportunity and enjoy prosperity.

This is the Canada we all long for.

Let’s bring it home!



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